A new dawn, a new day, a new life for me…

Loving each and every minute with my best friend.

The community of people who have helped me become the man I am today are legion. Whether I have thanked them when the opportunity allowed escapes me now. But their faces, smiles, and support is something which has enriched my life beyond the expanse of the universe. I stand here on my lonely grain of sand offering that experience to you.

What does it look like? The life I have forged for myself here in the community of conservation, public lands, education, fisheries, and angling. It’s a life which revolves around creating a voice and identity to foster success and offer sustainability. I do this because it is what I am passionate about and will spend the rest of my life doing.

Many acknowledge my skills in these areas. Some look to me for guidance or find inspiration in what I do and simply follow the example I try to set. I have been afforded these opportunities and received the support of these communities because I listen first, and never waiver from my own voice.

With the support of friends and family, I have helped shape minds, affected policy, improved business profitability, advanced market awareness – but most importantly I have continued to be taught by each and every person I have come into contact with.

The opportunity to feel the wisdom of the native peoples, learn from leaders of industry, expand my technique from artists, foster altruism through the many faiths I share, increase my technical knowledge, and continue to learn compassion through collaboration in our political atmospheres. These are the things I find are my own uniqueness.

With these things I continue to learn, evolve, and strive to be more expert at each day – and a possibility emerges with my voice.

I’ve been afforded the amazing opportunity to help shape the future through my voice and perspective. Not through study alone, but in practical experience, and the recommendations of friends – my voice has become a tool as much as my technical and creative expertise.

My success in these areas is due to the people I surround myself with – and the places my life has taken me. My voice works in harmony with those who I partner with and provide service for. The voices of those who helped shape me are the legion, and the professional methods I enlist are the value I bring and now offer for your future.

My success in doing this type of work is up for grabs. If you find yourself in need of a tireless advocate for your non-profit or business, need a creative leader, and are looking for someone who has a proven track record of success and technical fortitude – look no further. To find out the variety of roles I can fill for your business, please contact me.