Letter from Dannyboy – A dog’s life on the road

Hey Dad,

So when you told me we were going for a trip, I figured it was going to be out to the park, maybe the river, or somewhere fun. Instead you packed me into the bus, tossed my food in there, and for 12 days we spent more time in it driving than we did actually going and doing something fun.

I am a little disappointed with the whole thing to be honest.

First day we drove through the night and slept in a rest stop, with you kicking and sliding around on the bed so much I ended up between the two front seats. Not to mention you rushed me through my ritual sniff and pee session first thing that morning. Granted, the time on the beach near the lake was nice, but still – a whole lot of driving, not a lot of fun…

Then we spent some time at the river, but c’mon, it was like an hour – then back into the bus and off to town so you could meet up with some other humans and go watch a movie. Not cool. After licking myself for like an hour and taking a nap you finally appeared and again – driving to some weird spot on the side of the road to sleep.

OK so the next 4 or 5 days we did get to go to the river for quite a few hours each day, and I got to roll in something stinky for a while before you caught me. The water was tasty and not too deep for me, and the other dogs were pretty nice – as well as the other humans who I conned into petting me for a few hours. This part was fun!!! Next time let’s do more of this!!!

Then there was driving again… Yeesh

Stopping every 3-4 hours so I could get out and stretch and take a quick bathroom break was a nice touch, but still – can we just get where we’re going already??!?!

Then the wonderful river where those other guys you know were hanging out and we had barbecue steak… THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! Let’s do that more!!!! Getting to run around and chase the stick with those guys was super fun, and running around in bushes and taking a swim was great because it was so darn hot!!!

Wait – we’re driving again…. DAMN!!!

COWS!!!!!! OH MY GOD DAD THERE’S COWS OUT THERE!!!! CAN WE STOP?!?! Guess not…. whimper….

Something smells familiar… Wait, I know that yard!! I know that cat!!! We’re home!!!!!

So I guess what I am saying is next time, let’s stop and stay a while longer in each place please. The non-stop driving was not as much fun as I thought it would be. The people were cool, the food was “meh”, but the places we got to go once we stopped were amazing – let’s do more of that next time.

Your dog,

Not sure when Dannyboy figured out how to write, spell, or where the heck we were when he rolled in that turd or whatever it was – but I think I will take some of his (and others) advice when it comes to putting this out there for you all. Take more time….

I think the project so far is gaining some steam and more people are starting to understand what the mission here is…

Not I just need to polish it up a little bit and continue moving forward with it. Over the next couple days I will be creating a formal plan for it and outline the sponsorship opportunities for any potential advertisers who may wish to be involved on some level. If you have any comments or questions about this or anything else I have put up here – please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message on the Contact Page.

Gabe Parr & Dannyboy – The Trout Bus

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