ODFW Proposed Regulation Changes – Metolius, Deschutes, Brookies & Browns

IMG_6630The time is coming quick for all of us to speak up about the “simplification” of regulations for our fisheries in Oregon.

I recently attended a variety of meeting that ODFW put together including the one held in Bend to discuss the Simplification Process and Methodology. It was held at COCC on June 29th. One of many issues noted was the proposed opening to angling year round for both the Metolius and the Deschutes.

There are a wide variety of issues we face with this “simplification” process on our fisheries through rule-making and regulation changes.

I am going to keep this short…

Follow this link and become informed of what is being proposed: Exhibit_I_Attachment_2_Draft_Regulation_Proposals

After reading that, if you would like to learn more, you can FOLLOW THIS LINK to see what was discussed at the last ODFW Commission meeting held on August 7, 2015. Scroll down to “Exhibit I” and review the documents that were delivered to the Commission.

Finally, please note at the bottom of that page on the ODFW site, there is a schedule for the next Commission Meeting to be held on September 3-4, 2015 in Seaside. This is your opportunity to speak up and learn more about what is being proposed for the 2016 season. I find this process  One of the topics is going to be RULE-MAKING for the 2016 SPORTFISHING REGULATIONS.

Do I agree with some of the items contained in the Proposal? Yes. Do I agree with all of them? No. The potential for humans to abuse these regulations and therefore damage the fisheries is too great in some of these instances. I encourage all of you to voice your opinions directly to ODFW, or you can comment here on this article if you like.

GET INVOLVED – That is all I have ever wanted from those of you I speak to. I will be putting my comments in for myself on what I think of these changes and will not speak on your behalf. Please, get informed and write your comments to:

ODFW COMMISSION: [email protected]

ODFW Recreational Fisheries Program Manager Michael Gauvin [email protected]

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