Redefining what Generation X is…

IMG_6020In the short time I have been on this planet I have spent most of it on my own lost in thought as well as time and space. What I have seen pales to what future generations will experience and share with the rest of the world.  This due is in part to the instantaneous nature of education and learning that has been part of what my generation helped to create.

Issues are easily viewed, shared, and commented on like no other time in our history. This has brought a feeling of inclusiveness to many people and created a broader feeling of community.  From these things I have observed i decided to be part of the process of sharing experiences with you in order to gain your support for both myself and some of my areas of concern. And more importantly the young families and youth I have tried to help.

I work to support and broaden awareness of issues which affect coldwater fisheries, conservation of the resources which contribute to their health, and delivering youth an experience of these places while out enjoying the activity which draws me to those places. The places where trout live. These places are special for more reasons than can be answered by me, and the answers can (and often are) designed to speak to that individual and their special interest.

That’s right, I said “special interest”.

Nature provides a specific interest to each and every one of us. It affects us on a personally profound way. Whether to through adrenalin or endorphin, the imprint it leaves on us fundamentally changes our future.

Perhaps I am stating the obvious.

Here in Bend, Oregon I have taken my own special interest out and displayed it for all of you to pick at, enjoy, or become involved with. The support from this local community for what I have been doing has spoken volumes for the type of people who have lived here for generations, and also just recently arrived.

In turn I have tried to help the community however I can by supporting the goals for conservation of the resource the river provides. I have taken time to try to help teach some youth some of these principles as well. The smiles and laughter in my memories, the passion and devotion I observe from the people I continue to meet have changed my vision.

And I am not alone.

The support that this new age of communication has brought me for this TroutBus concept amazes me every day. From getting messages of encouragement from far off places, to people finding me on the street somewhere and telling me, “You’re doing a great job – keep it up.” Or even to those same people writing letters of recommendation for potential work, to a young family who want to help by tying flies and donating the money raised to support what I am doing. It is truly amazing how so many people have responded to the TroutBus.

So my generation dubbed “X” – here we are creating, publishing, influencing and forming change in this new world. Many of us have shaken the stereotype of “slacker” and “disenfranchised” to be leaders in our local communities and the world at large. We still face the same age old issues of trust and risk from the previous generations, and we forge forward as they did with passion and hope. Each of us willing to take the risks that bring change to the world. Each generation taking on the mantle of the previous, moving it forward with improving education, hard work, and stewardship.

There is a common thread between all of us no matter our differences. We all want things to be better for the next generation. Thanks for supporting the TroutBus.