Be thought provoking – live humbly and be honest. 

I have a great life but the truth of it is far from the romantic and philanthropic activities I force upon you. The truth is far more messy.  The path I have chosen leads me to make decisions which force a choice between living happy and living comfortably.

I illustrate my roadmap for successes and failures in my endeavors freely to all of you – in person and through online methods. When I do this I hope you find the strength to follow your passion and create a brighter future for your community.

No, it doesn’t pay the bills,  I don’t actually get paid by the companies, organizations, and agencies I promote to you. After all – altruism by definition requires that loss is a component of it.

Would it still be the same “me” if I was getting paid by one or more of them? No telling since I’ve only been in that position once for a few years as a Humane Investigator. A position I held for a number of years in service to the community and State – another story for another time.

I operate now as an individual business of influencing markets, the conservation community, and agency stakeholders who revolve around the outdoors lifestyle industries. Most profit from my advice, insight, imagery and consulting. I know of none who would dispute this claim.

I seek to provoke thought.

I seek to make a difference in the lives of those I touch.  Both human and other.

I seek to be the “Crazy Uncle” to the youth who I educate life lessons of Patience, Problem Solving, and Rejection through the practice of fly fishing and outdoors stewardship.

My processes are organic in nature, but have become  effective and engaging. They have taken my lifetime of experience to form and have recently been focused into rythym and design.

Through these rythyms I have thwarted and courted death on occasion, broken hearts and gear, and lost myself in the pursuit of attempting to be something more than just a passive person walking the earth.

I hope you enjoy my musings and the images of this life I am part of.

I hope you find peace and enjoyment in viewing the places I photograph. Those people whose smiles and mannerisms I capture all have amazing emotional stories behind them. I hope to share with you more of them.

Finding a way to continue to provide these rythyms and pictures to you is my part. Please do yours and don’t allow these places and people be forgotten. Take them with you and make them your own as I have.

Life will go on. And it seems so shall I.

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